About Me

Hey there, I'm Georgie or as my Dad calls me, Georgie Lou.

I'm a twenty-something writer* who loves the Lord above all and is easily summed up by the tagline of this blog.

I love taking a moment to look around and appreciate beautiful things, and particularly to immerse myself in fiction, whether writing or reading it.

My desire is for young women to live free in the knowledge that they are cherished daughters of Christ - bought with a price and greatly loved.

To inspire them to live a life centred on Him, to appreciate every moment, and find joy both in life's grand adventures and day-to-day minutiae.

To encourage them to live outwardly, to serve and to be generous with all they have.

I'd love for you to have a read and a look around, and feel welcome to drop me a line.


*Keep an eye out in 'The Cutting Room Floor' for little bits and pieces of my work.

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